Specialising in superior quality stainless steel snorkels, hand-crafted and custom made to your requirements.

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Why Fabulous? Pt. VI

Why Fabulous? Pt. VI

Michael Hughes |

A culmination of small differences equate to a big one. What can you expect to find when your product arrives?

We only use the highest quality silicone joiners and hose clamps, cut to size on for-purpose tooling. No need to borrow your mates Stanley knife or go out and grab another joiner because you made a mess of it.

Detailed instructions, cutting templates and comprehensive checklists ensures ease of installation for those with even a small amount of hands on experience.

It’s quite likely the harshest treatment your snorkel will endure is being handled by the courier, so we make sure it arrives, as it left. Bubble wrapped, boxed and fragile taped to minimise the likelihood of transport damage.

We have worked hard over the last 2 months to build our catalogued inventory to a point where we have stock on hand available for immediate dispatch.