Specialising in superior quality stainless steel snorkels, hand-crafted and custom made to your requirements.

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  • Why Fabulous? Pt. VI

    Why Fabulous? Pt. VI

    A culmination of small differences equate to a big one. What can you expect to find when your product arrives? We only use the highest quality silicone joiners and hose...

  • Why Fabulous? Pt. V

    Why Fabulous? Pt. V

    “Waiting on the powder coaters” Heard that before? Not from us anymore - Relying on external contractors slowed us down, so last year we moved powder coating in house. This...

  • Why Fabulous? Pt. IV

    Why Fabulous? Pt. IV

    Mind the dips - whether you choose gloss, satin or a body coloured finish on your snorkel, low points caused by sanding into a weld will result in visible dips...

  • Why Fabulous? Pt. III

    Why Fabulous? Pt. III

    All fabulous snorkels are 100% fully purge welded to ensure absolute strength and a guaranteed lifespan. Why is purging important? Achieving a seamless final product means sanding back welds, this...

  • Why Fabulous? Pt. II

    Why Fabulous? Pt. II

    Precision crafted jigs are used to ensure consistent, flawless installation across a wide range of makes and models. The result is a snorkel that not only follows but compliments the...

  • Why Fabulous? Pt. I

    Why Fabulous? Pt. I

    There’s no shortage of aftermarket 4x4 fabricators available, so why choose us? We’ve spent almost a decade perfecting the fitment across a wide variety of 4x4’s, ensuring every cut and...