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Four Wheel Driving - K'gari (Fraser Island), QLD

Four Wheel Driving - K'gari (Fraser Island), QLD

Nathan Domrow |

With the beauty of K'gari, Fraser Island, right here on our door step, we were lucky enough for one of our customers and Fabulous photographer Josh Clacy of Clacy Photography, to jump on the ferry and grab some stunning photographs of the Island, which just so happened to include our Short Entry Stainless Snorkel for the new facelift Mazda BT50. 

With stunning sandy beaches, rainforest escapes, beautiful sand cliffs, a multitude of inland lakes, fresh water creeks, camping spots and many 4x4ing tracks, K'gari, Fraser Island, is a short 4 hour drive from Brisbane CBD and then an even shorter 1.5 hour ferry ride to an island full of history and tradition. 

Things to do:

  • Whale Watching

  • Fishing

  • Camping

  • 4x4ing

  • Kingfisher Bay Resort

Places to discover:

  • Lake Mckenzie (Boorangoora)

  • Pile Valley Rainforest

  • The Pinnacles

  • Maheno Shipwreck

  • Pelican Bank

  • Champagne Pools

  • Eli Creek

  • Lake Wabby

  • 75 Mile Beach

  • Lake Birrabeen

Photographs by Josh Clacy @clacy_photography, @the_explore_life