Specialising in superior quality stainless steel snorkels, hand-crafted and custom made to your requirements.

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Welcome to Fabulous Fabrications

At Fabulous Fabrications, we're the adrenaline-pumping heart of your off-road adventures, forging Australian-made 4x4 kits for the wild at heart. Over a decade in the making, our gear is battle-tested and ready for action, ensuring every journey is a thrilling escapade. We don't just create kits; we craft the keys to unlock the rugged beauty of the great outdoors with style and grit. 🌄🚙💥


We have spent the last 12 years developing support for as many vehicles as possible, from the humble cult classic Suzuki Jimny, to the extremely popular Next Gen Ranger platform.

Our kits are the meeting of form & function, and we encourage you to notice the differences to our competitors. Mounting brackets, factory body lines, tolerances. We strive to have the most attractive and functional products on the market.


We make the kits that we would buy ourselves.

Australia's vast backyard means our customers can be days away from mechanical assistance, so we design all of our products with this in mind.

Real world tested, with over a decade in the 4x4 space, we're constantly evolving our kits with workshop R&D and customer feedback. Materials, finishes, installation, shipping, we strive to constantly revisit and improve.

Proudly Australian made, with Australian suppliers.

We strive to use all Australian products and support other Australian business wherever possible, from our stainless to our hose clamps. Working with brands such as Sterling, Plazmaman and Wurth.


We’ve spent over a decade perfecting the fitment across a wide variety of 4x4’s, ensuring every cut and bend is millimetre perfect. No nasty gaps, a factory appearance and unrivalled workmanship. Why settle for less on your 4x4?

In pursuit of this, we have created a YouTube channel with in-depth installation guides, behind the scenes looks of our R&D process and some daily goings on. We are also working on a partnership portal for accredited installers of our product.