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Water Ingress

Due to the nature of the radiused top edge, and the design of a stainless snorkel we've found that as you drive in the rain over 90 kms/hr, the water is pushed up the snorkel from the wind, and as it gets to the top the water gets sucked in. This is because your engine air speed is greater than the direction in which you’re travelling.

The easiest solution we've found is to keep an o-ring available here in your door pocket and put it around the top of the snorkel if you have to travel along the highway in the rain. This gives the water an edge to hit and gives the wind a chance to disperse it before it gets sucked down the top of the snorkel.

We do not recommend leaving the oring on the snorkel permanently as it may damage the powdercoat. Purchase of replacement oring's can be found on our website.

Another option, if feasible would be to replace your factory airbox with an aftermarket one with a pre oiled filter. Or similarly, we can offer a water diverter for some models, contact us if you would like to find out more.