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Snorkel Aftercare Information

Be sure to blow off with compressed air and then wash car thoroughly as soon as you can after fitting snorkel to remove all possible metal shavings from cutting the guard.
Be sure to wash snorkel thoroughly after any beach trips and don’t let mud or bird/bat droppings sit on snorkel for long periods of time.
STAINLESS FINISH SNORKELS: We strongly recommend using Inox (or similar) and a clean microfibre to clean snorkel after washing. Chamois your snorkel dry before the rest of your car to reduce the risk of water spots. If you keep a consistent layer of Inox on your snorkel will stop it from getting unwanted discolouration that will require it to be re-polished.
POWDERCOATED FINISH SNORKELS: We strongly recommend using a spray polish (we recommend fW1, Bowden’s Paint Cleanse and Restore and Boss Gloss) and a clean microfibre to clean snorkel after washing. We also recommend giving your snorkel a good hand polish and wax every couple of months to ensure the powdercoated finish stays looking fresh and new for as long as possible. This will reduce the effects of sun damage and fading.
WARRANTY: 12 Month warranty on the powdercoat finish pending it has been taken care of as per above guidelines. There is no warranty on poor care, wear and tear or stone chips.
WATER INGRESS: Due to the nature of the radiused top edge, and the design of a stainless snorkel we've found that as you drive in the rain over 90 kms/hr, the water is pushed up the snorkel from the wind, and as it gets to the top the water gets sucked in. This is because your engine air speed is greater than the direction in which you’re travelling.
The easiest solution we've found is to keep the o-ring supplied in your door pocket and put it around the top of the snorkel if you have to travel along the highway in the rain. This gives the water an edge to hit and gives the wind a chance to disperse it before it gets sucked down the top of the snorkel.
We do not recommend leaving the oring on the snorkel permanently as it may damage the powdercoat.