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Airbox Aftercare Information


If you have a custom airbox be sure the drain bolt is out for everyday driving, and only fit the bolt when going four wheel driving. This will help let any water that gets sucked into the airbox back out.

DISCLAIMER: If Drain Bolt is left in for everyday use, Airbox Warranty will be voided as over time sand/dirt/mud can accumulate on the thread causing it to seize.

If any water does get into the airbox, be sure to dry the airbox out, and ensure the filter is fully dry prior to refitting.

If you ever need to remove the perspex lid, when refitting, please ensure to NOT overtighten the screws. Overtightening can cause pressure and can cause cracking/splitting of the perspex.

Aftercare of Unifilter pod filter: please see attached handout.

Cleaning and reoiling products for your Unifilter available on our website:

Unifilter Service Kit

Replacement Unifilter Foam filters are available for purchase on our website:

Unifilter Foam Filter

Replacement Lids now available for purchase on our website:

Perspex Lids

DISCLAIMER: Please note that if the car is fitted with an aftermarket intake pipe, we take no responsibility for product failure or damage, as item is manufactured to factory specifications.